Thermostat Repair, Upgrade, & Replacement

HVAC Thermostat

An Updated HVAC Thermostat Can Save You Money on Energy Bills.

If you have a problem with your HVAC, the thermostat presents a common culprit. Issues typically make themselves apparent when you activate either the AC or heater for the first time each year. While many issues can lead to the uneven heating or cooling of your home, the thermostat often gets entirely overlooked throughout the diagnosis process. Since the thermostat signals for the activation of your HVAC, its good repair should represent a real concern.

The team at All Climate Heating and Cooling provides full service for the repair of a faulty thermostat. We can also replace defective thermostats and install upgraded units. If you have an older thermostat, an upgrade can provide for improved function, greater energy efficiency, and enhanced controls. Call 704-964-8375 for service of an HVAC thermostat in Charlotte, NC today. Our rapid, thorough service can ensure optimal function of your thermostat and HVAC.

Common HVAC Thermostat Problems

HVAC Thermostat

Our Team Can Quickly Determine Whether Your Thermostat Is the Source of a Problem.

A few issues with HVAC thermostats can commonly cause problems for the function of your system. If you notice any of these problems, you can trust in rapid, dependable service from our experienced team.

Your System Won’t Activate: The thermostat measures the temperature in your home to determine when the air conditioner or heater should activate. If your system will not turn on, the thermostat could very well be the source of the problem. Other factors can also cause this issue, so call a trusted professional for a full review of your HVAC.

Your System Won’t Turn Off: If your system won’t turn off once activated, then the thermostat does not work properly. This can become a dangerous problem, especially when the heater is involved. If you ever experience this phenomenon, call us for rapid identification and repair of the trouble.

Inconsistent Temperature: Your HVAC should ideally provide for the comprehensive regulation of temperature in your home. If it has begun to malfunction, it may send varying signals that cause your HVAC to switch on and off. This can result in areas that are never adequately heated or cooled.

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The team at All Climate Heating and Cooling will proudly install, replace, or upgrade any HVAC thermostat in Charlotte, NC. We take pride in our work, and hope for you to become one of our regular customers. To learn more or schedule service, give us a call today at 704-964-8375.