Air Conditioning Repair in Charlotte, NC

Quality and Professionalism With Every Service

At All Climate Heating and Cooling, we’ve set the new standard for excellence in HVAC work across our service area. The quality of our team provides the secret to the consistently high level of service we provide. When you contact us for service, you can count on a rapid response from a highly trained, experienced technician. We also place a heavy emphasis on customer care and never consider a job finished until it has exceeded the highest of expectations. We believe that everyone deserves the benefit of a comfortable home. If you need help with financing, we’ve got you covered with an easy, straightforward application and quick approval process. To schedule an appointment for any of our services, including heating or air conditioning repair in Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas, reach out to us today at 704-964-8375.

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Our Services Include

Variety of Brands to Choose From

Have Replacements Match With Your Needs

We provide service, installation, replacement, and repairs across a wide selection of different HVAC brands and models. Regardless of your preference, budget, or the needs of your home, we can find the ideal HVAC for you. When it comes to HVAC units, we are the number one source for repair options across our service area. With our team of certified and trained technicians, you can expect solutions that are long-lasting. When you require heating or air conditioning repair in Charlotte, NC or other services, All Climate Heating and Cooling is your local answer. To schedule service, simply reach out to us at 704-964-8375.

AC Installation

Seasonal Maintenance & Gas Leak Repairs

Protect Your HVAC System

As HVAC contractors, we’ve seen it all in terms of repairs and system failures. The last thing you want in the dead of winter is for your furnace to suddenly quit. The same goes for your air conditioning in summer, especially since high temperatures can become a health hazard. Seasonal maintenance for your HVAC not only prevents nightmare scenarios like these, but it also saves you money through preventative maintenance and extends the life of your system.We encourage all of our customers to schedule bi-annual maintenance to clean, optimize, and repair their air conditioning and heating. There’s simply no better way to assure your comfort throughout the year.

As part of our seasonal maintenance, we always review your HVAC for safety concerns. If your furnace has a damaged exchanger or inducer, we can perform the necessary work to provide for the safe removal of dangerous fumes and carbon monoxide. If you need gas leak repairs because of a damaged gas valve or other part, we can source the replacement, repair any damage, and make the necessary changes. As for air conditioning repair, we gladly provide service to prevent and fix refrigerant leaks. As our customers, your safety and comfort are our top concerns, and we will go above and beyond to assure both. Count on us for professional heating or air conditioning repair in Charlotte, NC.

A Central Air Conditioning Unit

Keep Your Air Conditioning Cooling

Central Air Conditioning Repair

When your central air conditioning has stopped cooling, you can always count on All Climate Heating and Cooling for expert central air conditioning repair in Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas. Don’t hesitate to get a repair done or you could risk more expensive repairs in the future. Call us today at 704-964-8375 to schedule an appointment and we’ll get a team out to you ready to meet all your HVAC repair needs.