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How To Improve Indoor Air Quality

If you are finding it hard to breathe in your home, your indoor air quality is low. Indoor air quality is the ability to breathe easily and cleanly. Things the inhibit clean breathing are dust, pet dander, mold, allergens, humidity, and general room stuffiness. Here are some ways you can improve your indoor air quality and breathe better.

Clean your air ducts

Air filters quickly get clogged with dust and allergens. Your air vents will blow all that debris right back into the air if the filters don’t get cleaned. Air filters are cheap and readily available since it is recommended you change your air filters every 6 months.

Plants in the Home Are A Great Way to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Get a plant

Plants take in carbon dioxide and relase oxygen, the air we use to breathe. Putting multiple plants around your home will make the air feel less stuffy as new oxygen will be constantly recycled into the air.

Get a humidifier

If you have bad allergies like sneezing, nosebleeds, or a dry nose, getting a humidifier will help. A humifier releases moisture into the air, raising the humidity if it is low. Mositure in the air will also help keep your home or the room cool.

Open windows

If you want natural air quality, simply open a window to circulate in some fresh air.


Dust doesn’t just accumulate on your air filter. Vacuum your floors and anywhere you can reach to remove dust that clings to baseboards, bookshelves, and chairs and relive allergies.

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How To Reduce Air Conditioning Costs This Summer

As tempting as it may be to turn your thermostat down when temperatures begin to rise into the scorching numbers, you won’t appreciate it when you get your extremely high electricity bill the next month. To help save money but keep cool, here are some ways to reduce air conditioning costs this summer.

Use A Ceiling Fan

Save Money On Air Conditioning This Summer With These Alternative Cooling Methods

A ceiling fan or oscillating fan can reduce room temperatures by almost 10 degrees without using nearly as much energy as an air conditioning unit would to do the same. Plus, this circulating fans help to push the air around, constantly giving you fresh, crisp air, where air from the vents would be blowing only one direction.

Use Curtains

Window shades, blinds, and curtains are great at reducing sunlight in a room, which helps cool your home as UV rays can’t enter. If it’s too dark, open them just slightly so you can still get your daily dose of Vitamin D, but not enough to where you’re sweating.

Choose A Light Roof Color

Just like black absorbs heat, lighter colors will deflect it. A light color or reflective roof can substantially help in keeping your home cool. Metal roofs or roof coatings are great at reflecting light and are very energy efficient and insulating.

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Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Conditioner

Your Air Conditioner Will Stay at Its Best with Yearly Inspection and Maintenance.

With spring here and temperatures warming up, its almost time switch your heating and air conditioning system to cool your home! Once a year, having your system inspected can ensure it is ready to get started when it is time. However, there are some things you can do at home to ensure your system stays ready. While at home maintenance will not be as in-depth and detailed as having a cooling professional inspect your system, it can help keep your system running well and alert you to any issues that may happen. Complete the following checklist to get your system ready for spring!

Your Air Conditioner Checklist

  • Change Out Your Air Filter – Your filter collects dirt, dust, pollen and more as the air passes through your system. Installing a new filter can improve your indoor air quality and the energy efficiency of your system.
  • Clean Up – Assess the area around your air conditioner. If you see any debris stuck in or around your unit, remove it! These can damage your air conditioner and make it work inefficiently.
  • Test Your System – Set your thermostat and test your air conditioner unit! Listen for any strange noises and if your system kicks on and off. Let it run for an hour.

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Signs You Need a New Furnace

New Furnace

If Your Old Furnace Requires Frequent Repair, You Need a New System.

Your furnace serves as one of the most important appliances in your home. As an indispensable component of your HVAC, you depend on your furnace to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the cold winter months. In the absence of regular maintenance, you can never known when a furnace might fail. This unfortunate circumstance can become a serious problem, especially on the coldest days. A few different factors can determine whether you need a new furnace.

Old Age

Most furnaces will work dependably for many years. If you furnace has surpassed 15 years of age, however, you will soon need a replacement. Older furnaces will not only begin to require more frequent and expensive repairs, but also have diminished energy efficiency. If you compare newer models to those manufactured 10 or more years ago, there exist a large number of improvements. In addition to heating your home more dependably, a new furnace will save you money on monthly bills.

Frequent Repairs

If your furnace has required frequent or significant repairs for two years in a row, then you have either a faulty or old system. Regardless, frequent repairs signify a need for replacement, as you’re spending money unnecessarily. If the sum of repairs from the last two years exceeds the value of a new furnace, spring for the replacement.

Uneven Heating

If you continually raise your thermostat because certain rooms feel cold, then your furnace does not function properly. A furnace should have the power to distribute heat adequately throughout your entire home. If you can rule out problems in your air ducts, then the furnace itself is likely to blame.

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