What is the most energy efficient way to cool a house?

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A heater uses energy to heat your house whereas an air conditioner uses energy to remove heat with the help of a compressor cycle. There are three different methods to cool a home, and which one is the best depends on the area where you live and the size and type of house. The energy efficient ac level of each one can vary based on different factors. Dial 704-964-8375 to learn more about an energy efficient ac for your Charlotte, NC home.

What are 3 methods of cooling a home?  

Central Air Conditioners – these are designed to cool the whole house using an exterior compressor and an indoor coil that is filled with refrigerant. The refrigerant cools the coils and air blows across that and the cooled air travels throughout the house through airducts in the ceiling. The energy efficient ac level of these is affected by the insulation in the house, the maintenance of the unit, such as changing or cleaning the filter.  If the unit is not large enough for the house, it uses more energy.

Room Air Conditioners – these are window mounted units that work in the same manner as central air conditioning but on a smaller scale that cools only one room at a time. Multiple units are typically used to cool an entire house. Because these are small units, often running on a 110v, they are usually more energy efficient ac than the central air system. Like the central air system, routine maintenance such as cleaning the filter is needed to get the most energy efficiency possible. 

Evaporative Coolers – sometimes called a swamp cooler and have limited popularity, used more in the Southwest part of the country where the air is dry.  They pull fresh air from outside through moist pads and cool the air inside by evaporation.  These may be the most energy efficient ac because it takes only the electrical power of a large fan. There is no compressor cutting off and on with these units. 

Is it cheaper to run your AC all day?

Logic tells us that is better for energy efficient ac purpose to turn the air conditioning off when we’re not home. However, in general, when the temperatures are at an extreme high, leaving the air conditioner on all day is cheaper. When we turn the air conditioning off when the temperatures are high, the house can heat up quickly and become humid. 

Then the unit must work hard to cool the house down when we come home, using more energy.  Not only does it take a longer time to cool down, but the strain on the unit to work harder, putting it at risk for service calls and shorten the life expectancy. 

Can I run my AC 24 7?

No, an air conditioner should not run 24/7, it is not an energy efficient thing to do and it puts strain on the air conditioner. Nor should you turn it off when you’re not home as we stated above. However, for the sake of being energy efficient ac and the lifespan of your system, it is recommended to turn the setting down to an energy efficient ac setting when you’re not home for an extended period of time. 

By leaving the system on at an energy efficient ac setting, it is still comfortable for indoor pets, but do not have the fan at the highest setting. Today’s there are energy efficient ac units on the market that have programmable thermostats. This allows you to set the thermostat when you’ll be home an when you’re not. 

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At what temperature AC consumes less power?

When we set an air conditioning thermostat above 22 degrees Celsius, the unit will use as much as four percent less power. With the air conditioning thermostat at a temperature of 25 to 26 degrees Celsius during summer months, the house should be at a comfortable condition and operating at the best energy efficient ac mode.

If a unit is too small for the house, it has to work harder to cool the house, thus it isn’t an energy efficient ac mode. The same is said if the house doesn’t have energy efficient HVAC ducting installed.  The air ducting should be good condition with no sags or tears, the air filter changed or cleaned every 30 days minimum, and proper thermostat setting to get the best energy efficient ac results possible. 

Does turning off AC save money?

An air conditioning system is more energy efficient ac when it is allowed to operate at full speed for longer periods. To save money, a programmable thermostat is the best answer. It will set the temperature at a higher number while you’re gone and kick it down just before you get home. That way, the unit isn’t turning off/on all day. This is a great solution to make your energy efficient ac and heating units more effective, a great advancement we have today. 

Cooling It Down

In many parts of the country, the air conditioning is almost a necessity during the summer months, much like heat is in other parts during winter. It is important to operate your cooling system, whichever one you have, so that is the most energy efficient possible. Call our team today at 704-964-8375 for more information about an energy efficient ac in Charlotte, NC.