What is considered an air conditioning emergency?

vent not producing cool air

Is AC not working an emergency?

Summer on the east coast can be hot and hum, and it is no time for the air conditioner to quit working! To make things worse, it always seems to happen on the hottest day, or night. So, when that happens, is that considered the need to call for emergency ac service? When it comes to defining emergency and hot can vary from person to person, so when is an emergency ac repair considered an emergency?

 When is an emergency ac unit going out really an emergency? With each person, the emergency can vary, but on a day when the temperatures reach 100 degrees, that would classify as an emergency. Or an evening when the temperature is 80 degrees or above. Other factors that would be considered a legitimate emergency ac repair call is if there anyone with health issues in house. 

For instance, an elderly person 70 years or older, a person with breathing issues, a newborn child in the house are a few examples of what makes up an emergency ac repair.  If this happens during the summer, you could find it challenging to find an air conditioning repair contractor available, and when you do, you can expect to pay a premium amount for that service. 

To avoid this situation, you should find an air conditioning service contractor beforehand to do perform an annual inspection of your HVAC system. With regular visits by the contractor and your monthly maintenance tasks, the possibility of any emergency ac repair be discovered and addressed.

How long does emergency maintenance take?

There is no blanket time frame to set for an emergency ac repair service. There are many factors that play into this, and many variations.  What time of the day or night is the emergency ac repair call being made? What time of the year is the emergency ac repair call being made? Is it a holiday or weekend? 

In the middle of the night, the answering service may answer the call right away, but it may take time to find an available technician. Most companies have a rotating schedule for the technicians, but if they are already on another emergency ac repair call, it may be after they are done before they arrive.

Once the technician has arrived, it will take maybe 30 minutes or less to determine the problem. Depending on the problem, it could take an hour for the repair. This will depend if they need any parts and if they can get them during the time of day or night you’ve called them. It is possible, it may be the next day before your air conditioning is cooling again.

How do you deal with a broken AC?

If your air conditioner just quits or isn’t blowing as cold of air as you expect, don’t panic yet, it could be a simple issue. Start by checking the thermostat. If it is programmable, check the battery to make sure it doesn’t need replacing. If it isn’t programmable, make sure it is on COOL and the fan is set at AUTO or ON. Next, check the power to the air conditioner, make sure the system has blown a fuse. If all this seems in working order, then you need to make that call for an emergency ac repair. 

An HVAC company that offers quality service will have 24/7 service, this means off-hours, holidays, and weekends. Make sure you have checked everything you know before making that call, and not because you’ll be “bothering” them, but because it is going to cost you at least double. 

Next, you need to find natural ways to cool your home, and that doesn’t mean opening all the windows in the middle of a scorching summer day. That will only let the humidity in! Close all your blinds and curtains to keep the sun out. 

Keep everyone in the house hydrated and turn on every ceiling fan in the house. If anyone is getting overheated, have them take a cool shower, this will lower their body temperature. If somebody is becoming distressed by being too hot, or you know that it may take some time to get the emergency ac repair completed, stay with family, friends, or get a hotel room. 

If your HVAC system is new, the technician will probably be able to get it working again quickly. If your system is older or has broken down a lot recently, you may need to consider replacing the unit instead of frequent emergency ac repair calls. 

Yes, a replacement will be more expensive, but over time, all the service calls may have paid probably one-fourth the cost of a new unit. Consider this to be an investment for your home and it will probably start saving you money on your electric bill too.

How do you cool a house when the AC is broken?

When the air conditioner breaks out of the blue, the first thing you do is call for an emergency ac repair service. If it is in the middle of summer, you may not see that technician for a few hours. In the meantime, what can you do to keep the house cool until the tech arrives? We offer the following tips:

  • Use Fans: Fans are convenient and effective in keeping cool on a hot summer day or night when the air conditioner isn’t working, at least 4 to 5 degrees cooler. Set all the ceiling fans to blow downward to create a breeze and if nobody is in a room, turn the fans off.  If your emergency ac repair is in the middle of the night, place the fans in open windows to pull the cooler night air. If your home has a working attic fan, turn it on too. Once you’re up the next morning, turn all the fans off and shut the windows so you can keep what cool air the nighttime has brought inside.
  • Keep Yourself Cooled Down: Keep wet towels around everyone’s neck and, if possible, wear damp clothing. At night, if you can wash your sheets and put on the bed wet, this will keep your body cool. Drink plenty of water and keep hydrated.  
  • Use Ice To Cool the Room: Fill bowls and large dishes with ice and set around the rooms you’re in, if possible, in front of a fan.
  • Reduce Outside Heat Coming In: Rooms that face the south or west are the hardest rooms to keep cool. Keep blinds and curtains closes during the day.
  • Minimize Heat Inside: Keep your home cooler by not using appliances that generate heat. The clothes dryer, dishwasher, oven, stove, etc. The microwave is your new best friend next to the pizza delivery person, at least until you get your emergency ac repair completed.
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Is a leak an emergency?               

Yes, your air conditioner could leak water from condensation buildup. So, if you’re finding water around your air conditioner, it could be:

  • Condensation isn’t draining because the drain is stopped up, and the drip tray is full.
  • The drip tray is broken, cracked, incorrectly positioned.
  • Humidity has been extreme, and the unit can’t keep up
  • Ice has formed on the evaporator coil and is thawing too fast 

If you are experiencing water around your air conditioner, turn the unit off immediately. It may not be that big of an issue, but if you allow the unit to keep running, it could become a big issue and burn up the unit. Next, if you don’t have an air conditioning company you use already, you can use Google to search for “emergency ac near me” and make that call for an emergency ac fix. Excellent chance they will address and repair it right there.

Once your emergency ac repair is complete, ask the technician to show you things you can do for prevention of this happening again. Make sure you’re changing or cleaning the filter regularly and do all the homeowner maintenance you can.  Schedule the air condition technician twice a year for a thorough inspection. This can often find a potential problem and fix it, so you don’t have to make those emergency ac repair calls on a scorching summer day. For your air conditioner repair needs in Charlotte, NC, call All Climate Heating and Cooling at 704-964-8375 today.