Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance

Air Conditioner

Your Air Conditioner Will Stay at Its Best with Yearly Inspection and Maintenance.

With spring here and temperatures warming up, its almost time switch your heating and air conditioning system to cool your home! Once a year, having your system inspected can ensure it is ready to get started when it is time. However, there are some things you can do at home to ensure your system stays ready. While at home maintenance will not be as in-depth and detailed as having a cooling professional inspect your system, it can help keep your system running well and alert you to any issues that may happen. Complete the following checklist to get your system ready for spring!

Your Air Conditioner Checklist

  • Change Out Your Air Filter – Your filter collects dirt, dust, pollen and more as the air passes through your system. Installing a new filter can improve your indoor air quality and the energy efficiency of your system.
  • Clean Up – Assess the area around your air conditioner. If you see any debris stuck in or around your unit, remove it! These can damage your air conditioner and make it work inefficiently.
  • Test Your System – Set your thermostat and test your air conditioner unit! Listen for any strange noises and if your system kicks on and off. Let it run for an hour.

All Climate Heating and Cooling provides you with quality air conditioner services, from installation to repair. If you notice your air conditioner acting strangely, we can inspect your system and take care of any issues to get it back to its best. Call us at 704-964-8375 for your air conditioning service needs in Charlotte, NC.