Seasonal Maintenance in Charlotte, NC

HVAC Maintenance

Our Team Can Keep Your HVAC in Excellent Repair Through Seasonal Maintenance.

Like any component of your home, your HVAC system needs the benefits of regular maintenance and repairs. For total peace of mind, you should schedule seasonal inspections for your air conditioner and heater. All Climate Heating and Cooling can serve as your ideal partner for this work. When it comes to HVAC maintenance, we perform thorough reviews, and can even do preventative repairs to prolong the life of your devices.

When it comes to home comfort appliances, our team of expert technicians performs unparalleled work. We have the training, certifications, and licensing to serve as your local choice for all HVAC-related needs. As for maintenance, we encourage you to schedule it seasonally to apply benefits to both your air conditioning and heating. If you want to schedule seasonal HVAC maintenance in Charlotte, NC, call 704-964-8375 today.

Aspects of Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance

We Check All Connections and Parts to Ensure Adequate Functionality.

Tune-ups and inspections of air conditioning and heating can involve any number of steps. While other contractors take shortcuts through this process, you can count on our dependability and thoroughness. When you partner with us for seasonal HVAC maintenance, you can count on the following.

Visual Inspection: We carefully review all components of your HVAC to check for signs of damage and wear. If you have dirty coils or leaking connections, we will find them and make the necessary repairs.

Thermostat and Performance Review: Your thermostat serves as the heart of your HVAC. We will make sure that it works correctly in the regulation of temperature. We will also ensure that your system generally provides the functionality you would expect.

Connections and Moving Parts: As part of our inspection, we will tighten all connections and make sure that all moving parts function correctly. If a part needs lubrication, we will make sure that it runs smoothly.

Drains and Filters: Our inspector will review your HVAC’s drains and filters, and clean and replace them as needed.

Efficiency Improvements: An inspection from our team includes service and adjustments to improve the overall efficiency of your air conditioning and heating. For the air conditioning, we check the blower and make adjustments as needed to improve its performance. We perform the same service seasonally on your heating burner. Improved efficiency means that your system works more effectively and uses less energy. This contributes to a further benefit of seasonal HVAC maintenance: lower energy bills.

Schedule Service with Our Team

When you need seasonal HVAC maintenance in Charlotte, NC, we’re the team to trust. We are your local home comfort experts, and will work hard to ensure that your HVAC provides the service and value you expect. To learn more about our services or set up seasonal maintenance, give us a call today at 704-964-8375.