Saving Money With HVAC Maintenance

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Is This How You Feel When the Furnace Blows Cold Air in the Winter? Many Feel the Same!

How do you maintain an HVAC system, and what is involved in HVAC maintenance? These are two questions that we hear every year, especially during the start of summer and winter. Our team receives dozens of calls each year asking for help repairing air conditioning units and furnaces. Care to guess what the primary reason for malfunction is in these cases? Lack of HVAC maintenance.

So that your family is prepared for this coming winter, let’s talk about the important facets of cooling and heating maintenance. We’ll start with the definition of preventative upkeep, discuss how to develop an effective HVAC maintenance schedule, then share a few tips on DIY tricks for your family. Let’s get started!

HVAC Preventative Maintenance

So what does it mean to maintain your HVAC system? There several aspects to maintenance, including inspection, cleaning, and repair. Maintenance is as much an attitude as it is an action. Instead of acting in a reactive manner, letting problems determine your course of action, maintenance takes a proactive approach to prevent damage and preserve functionality. In short, it’s effort taken to maintain control of your HVAC system, rather than leave things up to chance.

Why HVAC Maintenance is Important

Do you have any neighbors or family members that are constantly suffering from plumbing, HVAC, or roofing emergencies? One home crisis is enough to show you what happens when someone skips maintenance consistently. By investing a minuscule amount time, effort, and money, homeowners can avoid the vast majority of sudden breakdowns and emergency repairs (which cost a lot of money). It also enables each family to plan their future purchases ahead of time, so that money is readily available when the time comes to replace part of your HVAC system.

The Maintenance Process

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Maintenance is Generally Completed Quickly, But it Saves You Lots of Money in the Long Run.

Maintenance always begins with a complete assessment of your HVAC system. First, mechanical parts are checked for signs of disrepair. Parts like evaporator coils, filters, and air ducts are checked for dirt particles, which can slow performance.

After the inspection, your professional will outline any areas that require immediate attention. They will also identify any parts that will need replacement in the near future. With your permission, technician will then perform all cleaning and necessary repairs, then it’s “See you later!” until your next appointment.

How HVAC Maintenance Saves Money

There are three key benefits of a well-maintained HVAC system, each of which saves you money.

  • Clean, functioning parts provide greatly improved efficiency.
  • Improved efficiency means shorter run times and reduced part wear.
  • Reduced part wear reduces the likelihood of expensive emergencies.

Let’s make a hypothetical example. Say your HVAC unit is absolutely filthy. The coils are caked in mud, and the air filter should have been replaced a year ago. When the system comes on, the fan whinnies and it takes half an hour for your home to cool down.

You decide to schedule invite your local HVAC technician and ask him for help. The takes a little while and comes back to you with all the problems mentioned above. Once you give him the go-ahead, he thoroughly cleans out your system, replaces your old filter, and repairs the blower motor (which was about to burn out). He suggests that you install a new filter in a few months. After this service call, your HVAC unit now cools your home in half the time and you no longer hear that annoying whinny.

What do we learn from this story about basic maintenance?

  • Maintenance prevents part failure and expensive replacement.
  • It also prevents homeowners from having to schedule emergency service.
  • Cleaning care shortens the run time of your HVAC unit, saving money.
  • Professional insight helps us know when to replace aging parts, and when to wait.
  • It allows our system to continue performing without interruptions.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

How Often Should You Have HVAC Maintenance?

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Furnaces and Boilers Sometimes Fail From Months of Disuse. Don’t Forget the Pre-Winter Checkup!

It’s prudent to schedule maintenance at least twice a year, just prior to summer and before winter. Make sure you book your maintenance before the big weather changes. Why? Because these are the busiest seasons of the year. Most services will completely booked with extensive waiting times during the first week of cold weather, as dozens of homeowners call for furnace repair. It’s a similar story for summer time, but for air conditioning units.

Can I Complete Any of the Maintenance Myself?

Absolutely! Homeowners can complete most of the cleaning aspects of their maintenance. Anyone can clean or replace an air filter, for instance. After turning off the power and gas, you can even vacuum out the furnace. One important aspect of protecting your HVAC system is examining the air ducts for rips and tears. Leaks here mean longer run times and greater energy loss throughout the day, so repairing the damage could save you lots of money over time. 

For the rest of your service needs, our team at All Climate Heating and Cooling would love to help extend the life of your system! Call our team at 704-964-8375 for HVAC maintenance in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding communities.