Is a Gas Fireplace Worth It?

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Learn More About a Gas Fireplace

A gas fireplace is a great way to add comfort during the cold seasons while adding ambiance and a touch of class to space. With the winter months around the corner, it will be best to get familiar with a gas fireplace system in order for proper repairs and maintenance to be conducted in a timely manner. It’s important to service your gas fireplace in order to create a cleaner burn and make sure that toxic fumes aren’t being released into the enclosed space of your home. Get in touch with a professional to see what can be done with your gas fireplace, until then here is some general background information that may prove useful to you with your endeavors.

Do gas fireplaces add value to a home?

According to 70% of realty agents, homes with fireplaces will have a higher value over other homes with a majority of preferences showing for gas fireplaces.

Which is better vented or ventless gas fireplace?

A ventless gas fireplace will be more energy-efficient since heat won’t escape up the flue, therefore, having you save on utility bills. With a vented gas fireplace more gas will be used to create the same level of warmth as some of the heat will escape from the flue.

Is a gas fireplace dangerous?

A gas fireplace can be dangerous if it’s not maintained or ventilated properly. Without maintenance and ventilation with a gas fireplace, you will create carbon monoxide which is a toxic gas that can put you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

How many hours can you run a gas fireplace?

A vent-free gas fireplace shouldn’t be left running more than 2-3 hours at a time and rooms should be vented themselves. They will work a bit like ovens and won’t exhaust fumes outside of a home.

Is it safe to leave a gas fireplace on all night?

A gas fireplace should never be left on overnight. You can leave the flue open overnight so excess carbon monoxide is vented out of the inside of the home. The main concern with any gas-burning appliance is the exhaust that comes out of it with carbon monoxide so leaving any unit on overnight is a real risk.

What is the difference between a vented and unvented gas fireplace?

A vented gas fireplace with logs will burn with a yellow flame that will produce smoke. A ventless gas log fireplace will burn more cleanly without smoke with a lower flame. You may be able to burn them with the damper closed in order to heat a room.

Do you need to clean a gas fireplace?

A gas fireplace should be cleaned and regularly serviced in order to prevent dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and ensure a safe clean burn without too much smoke. That being said a gas fireplace will be a cleaner more efficient experience than with wood-burning fireplaces. 

Can you put a gas fireplace on an inside wall?

A gas fireplace can be installed anywhere in your home as long as you have a natural gas connection or propane available. It can be placed inside or outside of a wall, at floor level or wainscot, in the center of the room, or in the corner. It may be shielded by ceramic or tempered glass and can be exposed on three sides or four sides.

How long does it take to install a gas fireplace?

A gas fireplace can be installed completely in one day or over a week as it will depend on the job. Keep in mind that in order to have a long-lasting, safely running fireplace with quality workmanship time should be taken into consideration and not rushed.

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What brand of gas fireplace is the best?

  • Best Overall: Ashley Hearth 34,000 BTU Vent-Free Firebox
  • Best Vented Gas: Empire Comfort Systems Deluxe B-Vent Fireplace
  • Best Direct Vent: Empire Tahoe Deluxe Direct Vent Fireplace
  • Best Ventless: Ashley Hearth Vent-Free Fireplace Insert 
  • Best Budget: ProCom Ventless Dual Fuel Firebox Insert
  • Best Log Set, Vented: Peterson Real Fyre 24-inch Natural Gas Log Set 
  • Best Log Set, Ventless: Duluth Forge Ventless Dual Fuel Gas Log Set 

Get Assistance With a Gas Fireplace From a Trained Professional

A gas fireplace may require gas fireplace repair after a given amount of time has passed. Repairs with your gas fireplace should only be conducted by a trained professional in order to maintain the safety of equipment as well as to protect the occupants of the home from any tampering. A gas fireplace will be a great way to add ambiance to any home while creating a cleaner burn. Speak to an expert today about any questions or concerns you may have with your gas fireplace and get it taken care of today.

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