HVAC Blower Repair & Replacement

If Your Outdoor Unit Ceases to Make Noise, Your Blower May Have a Problem.

Without your blower, the heat generated in your furnace and cool air of your air conditioner would fail to circulate through your home. This indispensable HVAC component works hard to keep you comfortable, and will need repair or replacement as it ages. If you suspect that your blower needs service or has approached the end of its life, you can trust in the team at All Climate Heating and Cooling for service.

Considering it’s importance for the function of your HVAC, you should only entrust your blower motor to an experienced team. The professionals at All Climate Heating and Cooling perform incomparable service and replacement on this and a host of other HVAC components. The next time you need service on an HVAC blower in Charlotte, NC, give us a call at 704-964-8375.

HVAC Blower Replacement Signs

HVAC Blower

A Lack of Airflow Also Indicates Problems with an HVAC Blower.

To keep your HVAC working efficiently, you should maintain your blower motor in excellent repair. Schedule regular inspections from our team, and pay attention to these signs of a need for blower repair.

Unsettling Noises: A blower motor that works correctly should make hardly any noise. If you begin to notice loud noises as the blower functions, such as bangs and squeals, then you need immediate repair or replacement. Do not hesitate to call our team, and we can provide rapid service.

No Sound at All: If your HVAC clicks on, but you notice that your outdoor unit does not emit sound, then you could have a problem with your HVAC blower. An outdoor unit should make a steady hum as it works. If it doesn’t seem to function, you can sometimes blame the blower.

No Airflow: Perhaps the most common reason for HVAC blower repair is a lack of airflow from your vents. Your blower enables this necessary function of your HVAC system. If your airflow has become weak or nonexistent, call us today for an inspection and repair or replacement of your blower.

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Your blower provides for one of the most important functions of your HVAC. If you have weak airflow or noise issues, call the local professionals at All Climate Heating and Cooling for service. We’re your nearby experts for any issues with an HVAC blower in Charlotte, NC. To schedule service or ask any questions, call us today at 704-964-8375.