HVAC Pressure Switch Replacement

HVAC Pressure Switch

A Bad Pressure Switch Could Prevent Your Furnace from Igniting.

If your gas furnace is fairly new, then it probably has an HVAC pressure switch. These work as a safety feature on a furnace, and prevent unsafe operation in the case of a leak or other problem. The pressure switch works through the control of an important connection. When your furnace fires up, the switch must close this connection for the operation to continue. If something is wrong, the switch will not close, and the furnace will shut down. If the switch begins to malfunction, it can disrupt the performance of an otherwise functional furnace.

The expert team at All Climate Heating and Cooling is on hand to fix any issues with an HVAC pressure switch in Charlotte, NC. Our expert technicians can quickly and reliably perform tests to register the functionality of your pressure switch. If it needs replacement, then we can handle that too. For any issues with the operation of your gas furnace, trust our team. To learn more or schedule work, call 704-964-8375.

When to Replace an HVAC Pressure Switch

A furnace that doesn’t ignite properly could suffer from a few different problems. To determine whether the pressure switch is to blame, you can perform a couple of different tests.

Voltmeter: If you own and know how to operate a voltmeter, you can perform a highly reliable test on the function of a pressure switch. When you check a pressure switch’s voltage, you should expect to see a reading of between 24 and 28. Anything out of line with that suggests the pressure switch doesn’t work properly.

Terminal Damage: If you feel comfortable inspecting your furnace control board, you can look for another clear sign of pressure switch problems. The pressure switch has terminals that should normally complete a sequence on the board. If these terminals are discolored or appear burnt, then your HVAC pressure switch probably doesn’t work correctly.

The Team for Service

A homeowner who feels uncomfortable with the above tests can skip the self-diagnosis and call All Climate Heating and Cooling directly. Our experienced techs can make comprehensive repairs to a gas furnace, including its pressure switch. For any issues with an HVAC pressure switch in Charlotte, NC, call 704-964-8375 today.