HVAC Hard Start Kit Replacement

HVAC Hard Start Kit

Even Newer ACs Can Benefit from a Hard Start Kit.

A hard start kit works to correct a problem with your HVAC’s start-up. A hard start occurs when the heater or air conditioner starts momentarily, then immediately shuts off. A distinct clicking noise when you attempt to activate your HVAC can also indicate a hard start. Basically, a hard start kit works like a capacitor, and stores energy for use when your HVAC needs to start. At All Climate Heating and Cooling, we are the local source for the installation or replacement of an HVAC hard start kit in Charlotte, NC.

If your heater or air conditioner displays the symptoms of a hard start, you need fast service. The struggle to activate places serious wear on your system. Over time, this wear will cause additional breakdowns and repair requirements. To prevent hard starts and prolong the functionality of your HVAC, have an HVAC hard start kit installed today. To schedule service or ask any questions, call us today at 704-964-8375.

Time for a HVAC Hard Start Kit

Since a hard start kit provides extra power to your HVAC, it makes it easier to start. Your AC or heater will run much more efficiently with an HVAC hard start kit, a benefit that will appear as lower usage on your energy bills. In fact, a hard start kit can allow an HVAC to activate at 98 percent efficiency. This represents a huge improvement over the average 50 percent efficiency of older units. Benefits aside, certain signals can indicate an immediate need for hard start kits.

Hard Starts: As described above, actual hard starts from your HVAC provide the clearest indicator of a need for kit installation. Hard starts can create a variety of signals around your home. If your lights flicker upon the start-up of your HVAC, this could indicate a hard start. The same goes for the aforementioned clicking noise and quick shut-off. Lastly, if your HVAC trips your circuit breaker, then you have a hard start problem.

New AC or Heater: Believe it or not, your brand-new air conditioner or heater may not come with a hard start kit. Whenever you have a device installed, make sure to ask whether the kit comes standard. If not, you should call us to have one installed. The benefits of a kit makes it a worthwhile addition even to newer machines.

Let Us Service Your HVAC

At All Climate Heating and Cooling, we care about the optimization of your HVAC. Hard start kits help achieve this, and we recommend their installation on any system. For service or help with an HVAC hard start kit in Charlotte, NC, give us a call today at 704-964-8375.