HVAC Hot Surface Igniter Replacement

Standing pilots no longer represent the normal means of ignition for modern furnaces. In many devices, the ever-present pilot has been replaced with the hot surface igniter. The igniter utilizes electricity and the conductive properties of metal to ignite a pilot only when you need it to start your furnace. Otherwise, the pilot remains unlit to save you money on your gas bill. Of course, if your hot surface igniter doesn’t function properly, you will see the result in a non-functional furnace.

The prospect of an open flame with a standing pilot makes many people uncomfortable. Combine this with monthly energy savings, and the hot surface igniter appears as a wonderful innovation. Like any component of an HVAC, however, the igniter can sometimes fail. When this happens, you will need professional service from the team at All Climate Heating and Cooling. For any trouble with a hot surface igniter in Charlotte, NC, give us a call at (704) 837-0929.

Time to Replace Your Hot Surface Igniter

Hot Surface Igniter

Our Team Can Reliably Replace a Faulty Furnace Igniter.

A problem with the igniter will, of course, prevent the function of your furnace. This extreme consequence creates the need for immediate repairs. A couple of different problems can cause your igniter to not work properly.

Mismatched: If you’ve had your igniter replaced in the past, and it suddenly stops working, you could have a mismatched unit. Specific hot surface igniters only work with certain furnaces. In the event of previous service to your furnace, there’s a chance that an inexperienced technician made an incorrect install.

Old Age: Like all components of an HVAC, your igniter will eventually age past the point of usefulness. As a matter of fact, this will probably happen well before your furnace itself becomes inoperable. Igniters tend to age faster than other components of the system, and thus can require replacement at an earlier time. If you have had your furnace for awhile and it suddenly fails to function properly, you may be able to blame an igniter aged beyond the point of usefulness.

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All Climate Heating and Cooling is the team to call for any issues with a hot surface igniter in Charlotte, NC. We can replace faulty igniters and ensure the proper operation of your gas furnace. To schedule any service whatsoever, including the replacement of your furnace’s igniter, give us a call today at (704) 837-0929.