How often should a heating system be serviced?

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Keeping your home warm this winter

Winter has arrived for much of the country, including North Carolina. Was your heat ready to go and keeping you warm? As a responsible homeowner, you did the HVAC maintenance after summer, like changing the filter and making sure the condensation drip pan was emptied.  What about HVAC maintenance for winter though? 

Are you asking yourself, “Is annual furnace maintenance necessary?”  Absolutely! Yes, a regular hvac maintenance and cleaning is just as important in the winter as it is in the summer. HVAC maintenance is important to keep your HVAC system running efficiently and to help minimize your energy bills. 

What is included in furnace maintenance?

With a professional HVA maintenance appointment by an experienced and qualified technician, your HVAC system will have the following things performed: 

  • Loose connections tightened
  • Moving parts lubricated
  • Air filter changed or cleaned
  • Airflow tested
  • Ductwork inspected
  • Connections checked
  • System controls tested
  • Thermostat checked and calibrated

Each of those tasks by the technician will contribute to keeping your HVAC system running efficiently and use minimal amount energy, which will show on your energy bill.  Here are some hvac maintenance benefits that you may not realize you get by having routine HVAC maintenance year-round: 

Energy Savings = Money Savings

When the heating system dirty and neglected, like the air conditioner part of the HVAC system, it works harder than it should have to in order to meet the thermostat setting you have. So, it doesn’t heat enough, and you turn up the thermostat and it works even harder.  See the pattern?  

Comfort  Increased

When the components of an HVAC system is malfunctioning system, has leaky ductwork, or the airflow is reduced, it can prevent the heating system from reaching the desired thermostat setting. As we mentioned earlier you keep moving the thermostat and the system works harder. 

Air Quality Enhanced

As the air moves through the duct network, any contaminants and loose particulates will clog the air filter, cover the system components, and linger in the air ducts. Those contaminants include any of the following:

  • Bacteria
  • Dust
  • Mildew
  • Mold
  • Pet dander
  • Pollen

This will make your home dustier and the allergens stirred up make those with allergies and breathing issues suffer. 

Equipment Lifespan Extended: 

With an HVAC maintenance system, it is cleaned and lubricated, any repairs are made, it can operate correctly, and any moving parts aren’t binding, removing possible stress on the HVAC equipment, and extending the lifespan.

Safety Improved

A fuel burning appliance or component that is well-maintained, like an HVAC maintenance plan, will carry any carbon monoxide it releases out through the venting system as designed. However, when an HVAC system is neglected and doesn’t have a regular HVAC maintenance plan, it becomes dirty and is more likely to malfunction and produce a higher concentration of this odorless gas, that can pose a threat and can be deadly. 

Less Repairs

With an HVAC maintenance plan, any minor issue is detected and can usually be resolved at that time. This keeps it from becoming a major issue that is costly and could cause downtime. 

A Reliable System

With scheduled preventive HVAC maintenance before winter begins and at least once during the winter, you will know that your HVAC system is operating at peak performance to provide your home an efficient and reliable heating service.

How long does furnace maintenance take?

A professional HVAC maintenance service call is usually completed within an hour. There can be variance based on the size of the house, a larger home will have multiple vents and possible additional HVAC system. Any issues and repairs can add time to an HVAC maintenance service call.

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How do you service a heating system?

We’ve covered what a professional HVAC maintenance service covers, but as a homeowner, you have duties for HVAC maintenance as well. To keep your HVAC system in good operating condition all year long, here are some useful tips to perform your own HVAC maintenance: 

  1. Change or Clean Filters every 90 days year round.
  2. Check Vents Cleared of any obstructions that can block the air flow, inside and outside.
  3. Clean the Condensate Line, keeping it unclogged.
  4. Keep Your Condenser and Evaporator Coils Clean.
  5. Check Air Ducts and have professionally cleaned once a year.

If you aren’t still 100% convinced and asking yourself “Do I need furnace maintenance?”, we offer the following HVAC maintenance facts: 

  1. Poor ventilation – when HVAC systems aren’t maintained, it leads to poor air ventilation and poor air quality.
  2. Blocked or closed vents – with a gas HVAC heating system, this will cause a buildup of carbon monoxide. 
  3. Furnace Rooms are not storage – never use the area where your HVAC system is located for storage. Combustionable products could explode.

If a regular HVAC maintenance plan with a professional isn’t affordable, research the internet for videos that can show you how to the most you can safely. Budget for professional HVAC maintenance at least once year. Call 704-964-8375 today.