Gas Furnace Repair

While gas furnace replacement is easier to spot with signs of old age, higher energy bills, more frequent repairs, or the fact that it won’t turn on at all, simply repairing ti can be a little trickier. There can be all kinds of reasons for why your gas furnace stopped working. If you think that you need gas furnace repair in Charlotte, NC, contact the technicians at All Climate Heating and Cooling at 704-964-8375 today.

What’s Wrong With Your Furnace?

Because gas furnaces deal with fire and natural gas instead of electric coils and electricity, if you notice any unusual malfunctions, you need to call for furnace repair right away to prevent any dangerous accidents from occuring.

Since there are so many intricate parts to a gas furnace, a lot of things could break down. In fact, it may not even be the furnace that is broken, but could be a faulty thermostat not working properly or being set to “heat”! Other things that could be wrong with your gas furnace are:

Gas Furnace

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Clogged Filters: All machines that work with air have an air filter that help to catch unwanted debris like dust and dirt from circulating in the air. Over time, it builds up too much and instead prevents hot air from being able to pass through. Because this is such a common and natural occurrence, filters are easy and affordable to replace, with many homeowners being able to tackle this minor repair job themselves.

Opened Furnace Door: The furnace won’t switch on if it detects that the furnace door is open. This is to keep the fan and burner from blowing and potentially sending embers into the room since this furnace uses real gas and flames instead of electric coils. Check that the safety switch on the side of the door has not been removed, which is a sign that it has been deactivated.

Contaminated Burners: Flames should be blue and even, meaning that they are purely gas and fire, with no outside air contaminatinating it. If you notice that the flames in the furnace are orange or yellow, the burners are dirty, causing them to function improperly. Cleaning the soot off the burners usually does the trick.

Get Gas Furnace Repair Today

The more time that goes by that you leave your furnace unrepaired, the more your system will get damaged. Also, it could end up affecting your health, as bacteria like soot could gather and be distributed back into the air through the clogged filters or flames. If you notice that your gas furnace is not performing like it usually does, don’t hesitate to call All Climate Heating and Cooling at 704-964-8375 for gas furnace repair in Charlotte, NC.