Gas Fireplace Repair in Charlotte, NC

Gas Fireplace Repair

We Provide Rapid Service for Gas Fireplace Repair.

When it comes to fireplaces, homeowners with traditional, wood-burning installations generally understand the necessary maintenance requirements. For example, the fireplace itself must remain in good condition, while the chimney must remain clean from accumulated soot and other debris. Gas fireplaces make it so easy to enjoy a fire, however, that maintenance and repair can seem unnecessary. For a local source to oversee the repair of gas fireplaces, look no further than All Climate Heating and Cooling.

Regular maintenance is key to the enjoyment of your gas fireplace. If you fail to keep up with requirements, you can expect an accumulation of little problems that will eventually require professional repair. Maintenance can save you money on repair costs, and also ensure the safe, optimized function of your fireplace. For a luxury like a fireplace, make sure you partner with the right team to protect your investment. For gas fireplace repair in Charlotte, NC, All Climate Heating and Cooling is the team to call at (704) 837-0929.

Do You Need Gas Fireplace Repair?

Gas Fireplace Repair

Pilot Lights Provide an Indicator of Repair Needs.

There are a few signs that generally indicate a need for professional gas fireplace repair. If you’ve scheduled regular maintenance with our team, we can catch these problems early and perform the necessary work. If you ever notice any of the following indicators, make sure to call us for rapid service.

Gas Leak: If you ever suspect a gas leak from your fireplace, call us for immediate service. You can generally, but not always, detect a gas leak through its smell. Though naturally odorless, gas is typically modified through the addition of a chemical that provides the distinctive rotten egg smell. Considering the danger of a gas leak, however, you should also pay attention for other signs. If you ever hear a hissing noise from your fireplace, you probably have a leak. An extinguished pilot light can also serve as a sign of trouble.

Non-Functioning Pilot Light: Most newer gas fireplaces have a function that prevents the pilot light from ignition if a problem exists. If you cannot light your pilot, then something has gone wrong. Rather than attempt solutions on your own, call our team for help.

Damaged Safety Screen: Your safety screen enables a safe experience in the enjoyment of your fireplace. If it becomes damaged or dirty, call for professional help. We can clean your screen of both fog and soot, and make sure it provides optimal service for your protection.

For Rapid Service, We’re Your Team

We want our clients to enjoy all the advantages of their heating components, including gas fireplaces. We perform fast, dependable service for gas fireplace repair in Charlotte, NC. To learn more or schedule work, call us today at (704) 837-0929.