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If your air conditioner just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore, you probably need a refrigerant recharge. Your air conditioner’s coolant represents the heart and soul of the system. Put simply, if it has become depleted, your air conditioner will not work. Air conditioners work through the transformation of coolant, typically refrigerant, from a liquid to a gas, and back again. This cycle generates cold air as a by-product, which your AC blower then distributes through your home.

The expert technicians at All Climate Heating and Cooling can quickly determine whether low levels of coolant are the source of your problem. If so, we can recharge your coolant levels and have your air conditioner back in business in no time. We understand the indispensable nature of your air conditioner, and so never delay this or any of our services. If you need fast, reliable refrigerant recharge in Charlotte, NC, call us today at 704-964-8375.

Signs Its Time for Refrigerant Recharge

Rather than persist with inadequate cooling, pay attention to the signs your AC needs a refrigerant recharge. If you find yourself dealing with any of the following, schedule service from our team.

Inadequate Cooling: If you continually adjust your thermostat lower, but experience no shift in temperature, then you need to have your coolant recharged. A system in need of this service may still generate some amount of cool air. However, you will not be able to chill your home past a certain point, regardless of how you set the thermostat.

Gurgles and Hisses: These telltale sounds from your AC unit provide another sign that you need a coolant recharge. Your AC’s condenser should keep all refrigerant tightly contained. A hiss or gurgle can announce the escape of coolant, a dangerous situation that requires immediate repairs.

Warm Air: A simple way to tell whether you need your coolant recharged is to check the air as it comes from registers. With a well-maintained, adequately functioning air conditioner, the air should feel downright chilly, not lukewarm.

Have your refrigerant recharge in Charlotte, NC done by professionals and rely on our team.

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Your air conditioner’s coolant is a dangerous chemical that you should never try to recharge on your own. Instead, call for fast, professional AC service from the expert team at All Climate Heating and Cooling. We have the tools and equipment to render fast and effective refrigerant recharge in Charlotte, NC. To learn more or schedule service, call us today at 704-964-8375.