Air Conditioner Replacement & Installation

Air Conditioning Installation

Our Team Has the Tools and Experience to Service or Install Any AC.

A quality air conditioner represents an excellent investment in a home. With proper care and maintenance, it should provide dependable value for 15 or even 20 years. Despite this, the day will eventually arrive when an air conditioner reaches the end of its lifespan. In the absence of proper maintenance, of course, this will come sooner rather than later. If the time has come to consider replacement of your aging or damaged HVAC, trust the experts at All Climate Heating and Cooling for air conditioning installation.

Our replacement and installation services can assure you of an optimized system that will provide the highest level of service. Since you will live with the results of your AC installation for a decade or more, don’t trust the service to just anyone. All Climate Heating and Cooling provides unparalleled air conditioning installation in Charlotte, NC. For this service or replacement, call us today at 704-964-8375 to schedule a consultation.

Time for a New Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation

If You Are Unsure About Replacement, Let Us Inspect Your Old System.

A number of indicators or conditions can signal the time for AC replacement. If one or more of the following has occurred, consider the benefits of a brand-new install.

Major Repairs: If your air conditioner needs a major repair or significant parts replacement, you may be better off with an entirely new system. The first major repair generally presages additional work, which can become quite expensive over time. Generally speaking, if any single repair is 50 percent or more the cost of a new system, opt for the fresh install.

Higher Bills: As problems accumulate with an air conditioner, whether through a lack of maintenance or failing parts, you will notice an increase in your energy bills. This signifies an air conditioner that must work harder to regulate the temperature of your home. Aside from a greater monthly expense, air conditioners in this state will rapidly begin to break down.

Old Age: The most common reason for replacement, old age for an air conditioner will bring greater repair requirements and less energy efficiency. As an AC approaches or passes the 15-year mark, it could fail at any time.

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Aside from improved reliability, newly installed air conditioners bring improvements to efficiency and temperature regulation, and come with features not found on older models. If you need air conditioning installation in Charlotte, NC, we’re the team to trust. We proudly service and install a wide selection of quality systems, so you’re sure to identify something that serves your needs. To get in touch with All Climate Heating and Cooling today, simply call 704-964-8375.