Air Conditioning Services in Charlotte, NC

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Have Your AC Fixed By Experts

At All Climate Heating and Cooling, in order to assure our clients of superb service, we only employ experienced, trained, and skillful technicians. You can depend on our service day or night, even for emergencies, and can reach us anytime at 704-964-8375. The next time you need AC repair in Charlotte, NC, make our team your first call. If you have never scheduled seasonal maintenance for your air conditioner, consider the value of this service for preventative repairs and annual optimization. When it comes to this or any HVAC-related services, we set the standard for excellence.


Signs You Need AC Repair

Ideally, an air conditioner should operate in the background. Throughout its regulation of your structure’s temperatures, it should remain relatively unobtrusive. If an air conditioner begins to loudly announce its presence, you likely have repair needs. Pay attention to these signs, and do not hesitate to call us for immediate aid.

Bad Smells or Sounds: A gentle hum represents the only sound your AC should make, and it should never emit bad smells. A shriek can signify a failed compressor, whereas banging noises can indicate problems with your ductwork or a loose part. As for smells, watch out for a burnt odor. Either an overheating part or compromised wiring produce this smell, and your AC needs immediate service either way. Lastly, a musty odor can signify the presence of mold in your ducts. Due to health concerns, you should have this addressed sooner rather than later.

Nonexistent or Weak Air Flow: These commonly signify a need for air conditioner repair. Either of these problems can have a variety of root causes, and require the attention of a professional technician to diagnose and solve. These problems can also lead to the uneven control of temperatures around your structure, so call us today for service.

At All Climate Heating and Cooling, beyond AC repair in Charlotte, NC, our full range of air conditioning services includes the following:

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If you take care of your air conditioner, it will take care of you. Maintenance stands as the key to the realization of your HVAC’s full capabilities, so do not hesitate to schedule seasonal service from our team. For any other needs, including installations, emergency service, or general AC repair in Charlotte, NC, contact All Climate Heating and Cooling today at 704-964-8375.