4 Ways SEO for HVAC Contractors Influences Brand Recognition

All Climate Van

At All Climate Heating & Cooling, our brand represents work ethic, performance, and community. We provide top-level HVAC services for people throughout Charlotte, NC, and nearby areas. One of the ways we reach more consumers is through SEO for HVAC contractors. Our marketing partners, HVAC Webmasters, help us rank on search results for various keyword terms. Let’s take a look at four ways SEO influences brand recognition:

1) Google Homepage

Search for our brand name, “All Climate NC,” and you’ll notice that our website shows up first on Google search results. The subsequent results feature Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and other local directories that feature our business listing. The entire page of results is known as the Google Homepage for our brand. Ensuring that our website ranks first, followed by optimized business listings, helps us appear favorably.

2) Google Reviews

Sometimes people learn of our company through word-of-mouth from neighbors, friends, and parishioners. While such recommendations hold great value, most people today will search our brand name to make sure we provide the services they require and see whether or not our company is trustworthy. Once they search our brand name, they see our Google My Business profile along with our reviews. Our SEO strategy has allowed us to showcase our brand positively so that would-be customers convert.

3) Website Branding

We spoke about ranking our main website #1 on our Google Homepage. Ranking the website first is vital because it gives your company control of its brand for most online users. The majority of people click on the first search result, and in our cast, it’s our website. Since we work with an SEO agency that also handles web design, we can display our brand precisely as intended. Showcasing our brand in the proper context allows us to convert prospects at a higher rate.

4) Sustainable Rankings

One of the best things about SEO is that it works long-term and, when done right, is highly sustainable. We’ve been ranking for various keywords, including our brand name since we properly optimized our presence. We can bank on these results for the foreseeable future, which provides a continuous ROI for our business. Unlike PPC, we don’t worry about paying for SERP positions or clicks when we enjoy the traffic and branding from organic search results.

A Trustworthy AC Repair Company in Charlotte, NC

We only utilize SEO to serve potential customers in the Charlotte area better. Our SEO strategy exists to reach as many prospects as possible while providing accurate and relevant information for their HVAC needs. Additionally, we offer air conditioning repair, gas furnace repair, and seasonal maintenance, among other services. As a result, we look forward to providing excellent services for your home or property shortly.